Mar 12, 2010

You Really Can't Lose! “Inspirational Kids' Stories” Is Yours To Keep FREE!

“At Last! A Collection Of Children's Bedtime Stories
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Educate Our Young.”

Forget about the TV and throw out those so-called ‘educational stories' with their hidden agendas. Introducing “Inspirational Kids' Stories” … A GIANT collection of wholesome Children's Stories that warm your heart!

If you're shocked at what passes for children's entertainment these days, concerned about the ever increasing amounts of violence on TV, and you want to play an active role in educating and nurturing your child, then this may be the most important letter you've read all year.

Dr Daryl Grant is a parent just like you and me. And like you, she is very concerned about what her children are exposed to on TV and in the books they read. But until she became a parent, she didn't realize just how much rubbish was out there.

Dr Daryl Grant just released a new e-book called “Inspirational Kids' Stories” and it's chock-full of inspiring, wholesome stories that will delight your children. Brimming with 32 individual stories , “Inspirational Kids' Stories” gives you a whole smorgasbord of uplifting tales to choose from.
And what's even better, these stories teach your children the values and respect we ourselves learned as children … values that seem to be lost in this new millennium. Click Here For More

Like myself are you sick of the Rubbish that are labelled as children's entertainment. (I don't know about you, but I don't consider teaching my kids   bad manners as quality entertainment.) Rubbish that could easily corrupt my children's values. Rubbish that has seeped into every facet of modern day life. And it's everywhere, In the books they read at school, on TV, in the playground, and when they get older it's all over the Internet. And to tell you the truth, I was shocked and amazed at how far things had slipped since I was a child. 
Here's just a sample of the tales inside
“Inspirational Kids' Stories” 
img STORY #1: The Gossip Gremlin… (Gossip) Stimulating story about the harmful affects of gossiping told in Dorothy's amusing style. See what happens as the gossiping gets worse, culminating in a gripping climax that'll have your children on the edge of their seats.
(Page 1) 
img STORY 5: The Squirrel Named Picasso … (Trust Authorities) This uplifting story reveals how a child can always rely on authority figures when in trouble.
(See for yourself on page 24) 
img STORY 7: Pete Cleans Up… (Hygiene) Chuckle along as all the farm animals get together and help little Pete The Pig clean himself up for the big party. Inspires teamwork, cooperation, and the desire to be your best through good personal hygiene. Poor old Pete wasn't allowed to the party because he was dirty. See how everyone pitches in and makes Pete the cleanest little piglet you would ever see! (Page 37)
img STORY 11: Magic Mom… (Love Your Parents) A loving climax to this story and a special tender one for parents. (Page 63) 
img STORY 16: Beautiful Diana… (Creativity, Hold On To Your Childhood) Ah, they grow up so fast don't they? In this tale a brother and sister discover how “just being yourself” and not trying to be like everyone else, is a true gift worth holding onto. Discover how these two siblings realize they are just fine, just the way they are. (Page 94)
img STORY 22: MG And The Pigs… (Don't Talk To Strangers) Never talk to strangers. It's what we tell our kids. But how much more effective it is when told through a moving tale. Instead of telling, this story shows, and your children will immediately understand the message. Instead of scaring our children, this story instills confidence … that they don't have to be scared of strangers, they've just got to be wary … and that talking to strangers is wrong and can lead to big trouble. (Page 135)
And look, that's just 6 examples of the uplifting tales contained in “Inspirational Kids' Stories” … there are still 26 more to go!  

Plus Find Out about The 32 Complete List Of Tales Contained In “Inspirational Kids' Stories” 

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So forget about hunting around bookshops trying to find wholesome stories for you children… 
Forget about the TV and just turn off the violence on show…  
And forget worrying about your children's future…  

You are guarantee that you and your children will love “Inspirational Kids' Stories” or you get every cent of your money back. You be the judge. 

If you don't think this is one of the best collections of children's stories you've ever seen, if you're not fully satisfied in any way, then you can have your money back. 

But... the e-book is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from Dr Daryl Grant

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